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1 someone who reads the lessons in a church service; someone ordained in a minor order of the Roman Catholic Church [syn: reader]
2 a public lecturer at certain universities [syn: lecturer, reader]

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  1. A lay person who reads aloud certain religious texts in a church service
  2. A public lecturer or reader at some universities

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  1. A reader (person who reads to someone)

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Lector is a Latin term for one who reads, whether aloud or not. In modern languages the word has come to take various forms, as either a development or a loan, such as lang-fr lecteur, lang-en lector, lang-pl lektor. It has various specialized uses:
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Bible clerk, Bible reader, acolyte, acolytus, almoner, anagnost, beadle, bedral, capitular, capitulary, choir chaplain, churchwarden, clerk, deacon, deaconess, diaconus, doorkeeper, elder, elderman, exorcist, exorcista, holy orders, homilist, lay elder, lay reader, lecturer, major orders, minor orders, ostiarius, parish clerk, praelector, preacher, precentor, presbyter, priest, reader, ruling elder, sacrist, sacristan, sexton, shames, sidesman, subdeacon, subdiaconus, succentor, suisse, teaching elder, thurifer, verger, vergeress
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